This time of year is tough. It’s cold. It’s dark. Those two things alone are enough to make even the most motivated of us want to crawl into bed and reemerge in April. Unfortunately, we humans were just not built to hibernate and so we must trudge on with living- and that requires eating.

If it makes you feel better, we’re in the same boat. So we’ve got a special place in our hearts for recipes that we can make before the sun disappears and we lose all willpower to move beyond a seated position. Here are five of our favorites:

Pear and Prosciutto Pizza: 20 minutes



Apple Braised Chicken: 30 minutes



Spicy Chicken Sausage Pasta with Pears, Fennel and Radicchio: 30 minutes



Honey Mustard Glazed Apples with Pork: 30 minutes



Creamy Apple, Potato and Brie Soup: 45 minutes