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Light sweet cherries are beautifully yellow with a red blush. Sweeter than a dark sweet cherry, light-sweets boast 17-23% sugar content.

Dark Sweet Cherries

The dark sweet category encompasses all cherries that are a deep red flesh and skin. Their beautiful versatility and seasonality make them summers greatest gift.

Cherry Nutritional Value

Cherries are consistently identified as one of the healthiest produce items out there. They boast a low glycemic index and an increased level of antioxidants. They are also a flavorful source of potassium and bioactive compounds.

Northwest Cherries

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cherries are identified as

one of the healthiest

produce items

Cherry eating tips

To maximize your cherry-eating experience, follow these simple tips for selecting, handling, storing and preparing fresh cherries.

Tip One:

Store cherries in the fridge as soon as you get them home, they will stay fresh for days in the fridge.

Tip Two:

Cherries are one of the last truly seasonal crops, with limited imports available, they need to be enjoyed while they’re here. During peak summer months.

Tip Three:

Be sure you handle cherries delicately as they can get damaged easily.

Freezing Sweet Cherries

Tip One:

Freeze cherries by pitting them and freezing them individually on a cookie sheet before placing them in a freezer bag to store them in the freezer.

Tip Two:

Use frozen cherries to make smoothies and smoothie bowls or as a snack straight out of the bag!

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