Adventure Racing is a hot new trend that offers families an opportunity to bond through adventure and overcoming obstacles. These races are a great way to be active together and inspire healthiness, happiness and individuality. Our goal is to inspire and enable families to be more active and adventurous while living Wholesome to the Core. Adventure races challenge us to courageously face obstacles and carry this courage over to our everyday lives. Interested in getting involved? Here are 5 reasons we think adventure races are a great idea for the whole family. 

Canoeing 2 - Rainier Fruit
The Challenge.

Your group won’t be at the same skill level, and you’ll need to adjust for this during the course. Remember that you’re part of a team and your job is to bring out the power that lies within your teammates. Different team members will have different areas where they excel, and adventure racing can be as much cerebral as it is physical. The race will keep you on your toes – you never know what you might encounter and how you’ll have to adapt!

Fun for the Whole Family.

There’s something for everyone! Parents can lead by example—getting off the sidelines and into the experience! The whole family can have fun with different obstacles involving climbing, mud, and who knows what else. Encouraging one another along the way and celebrating at the end of the race help create a bond forged through overcoming challenges together. Adventure racing will leave you mud stained and happy, with great memories that will last a lifetime.

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Lack of Pressure.

Adventure races are pressure-free. No one is there to win. Well, okay, maybe there are about 5 people who really, really want to win, but everyone else is just there for the fun of it. It’s hard to worry about PRs and final times when you’re climbing over tires, slopping through mud and completing all the other obstacles on the course. The races are more about the experience and camaraderie than winning outright and beating everyone else.

Anyone can do it.

Young, old, fat, skinny—anyone  can complete an adventure race. There’s no pressure, remember? Since these races aren’t all about the finish time, all you need is determination, drive, and sometimes a sense of humor. There’s no shame in slowing down or even walking at some points (or taking a selfie break). You’re able to do an adventure race…if you want to.

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The Team.

One of the best parts of group racing is the company! Being active in a group setting is a totally different experience than say, going on a solo run. An adventure race is all about teamwork, and everyone can play an important role in the race. Adventure races can be a great opportunity to let kids take the lead and develop leadership skills. Sometimes roles will shift throughout the course of a race, and different obstacles can present different challenges to each individual. The common goal, and the sense of accomplishment after crossing the finish line are major bonding moments.

The important takeaway? Just commit, show up and have fun!  Adventure racing can be an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for families. The weather is warming up… try out an adventure race with your crew this summer!