Oh Honeycrisp, how we love thee. What is it about you that has us so beguiled? Is it your crisp, clean crunch? Is it the explosion of juicy flavor that delights our taste buds from first to final bite? Perhaps it is that effervescent tickle on our tongue reminiscent of celebratory bubbles.

Whatever it is, we’re hooked!

We can all be thankful for the diligent work of the University of Minnesota in breeding this fine cultivar over FIFTY years ago. At the time, U of M was simply trying to develop trees that could withstand those harsh Midwest winters while still delivering high quality apples. We think they hit their mark and then some!

Luckily for us, Washington State is prime Honeycrisp-growing country. We could get into the science of it all- how the great Missoula Floods carved through the state’s topography, eroding and redepositing fertile soil in its path, how Washington gets more hours of sunshine a day than southern growing regions, or how the Cascade and Rocky Mountain Ranges contribute to our arid climate with low rainfall, hot days and cool nights. We could, but we won’t (this time!).

Instead, we’ll tell you that, just like the fine producers of Champagne, we put all the care in the world into raising an exquisite Honeycrisp apple- one that will delight you every time.