The Boston Marathon

The fact that we have been in business for 130 years and 2018 marks the 122nd running of the Boston Marathon proves the power and longevity of quality brands.

More importantly, as the Boston Marathon celebrates a “Year of Service”  by honoring the many men and women who go above and beyond in their community we know now more than ever that our Wholesome to the Core values are aligned with the thousands of runners, volunteers and spectators who come together one weekend a year to go the distance.

As a leading grower of both conventional and organic apples, pears, cherries and blueberries, it makes perfect sense for us to sponsor a legacy event like the Boston Marathon. With more than 30,000 athletes and 500,000 fans in attendance we are product to be the official apple of the Boston Marathon and fuel the starts, finishes and everything in between with our health products like our proprietary Lady Alice® apple and standouts such as Honeycrisp, Jazz®, and Pink Lady® that are all known for their exceptional flavor and crispy texture.

Always Hand Picked

Where to Find Us in Boston

Hotel Hospitality

(April 13-16)

  • Westin
  • Fairmont Copley Plaza
  • Park Plaza
  • Revere Hotel
  • Lenox Hotel


April 13

  • Newton-Wellsley Hospital Pep Rally

April 15

  • Local Area Boston Whole Foods Stores for Special Discounts on One Boston Day

April 16

  • Newton-Wellsley Hospital Cheer Station Mile 17
  • On Course Cheer Station at Newton Fire Department @ Mile 17.3
  • Boston Marathon Finish Line Meeting Area


#RunWithRainier was born not because of the Boston Marathon, but because of our overall mission to be #WholesomeToTheCore. At what we’ve found is the amazing wholesome heroes that running creates.

For years our company motto has been Wholesome to The Core, and to us it has represented the best of what we can be in all parts of our lives. To live and be healthy in mind, body and spirit because we are fueled with healthy food like the delicious apples, pears, cherries and blueberries we grow.

We are inspired by the athletes, volunteers and fans who represent the best of our country and beyond. Who show up and represent an ideal of the more than 19 million runners who strive to keep their body moving. It represents the ability to fuel up, lace up and put down some miles.

#RunWithRainier represents a solitary run to think, a run with a friend to catchup, a fun run for charity or methodical and tireless training to qualify for a bucket list event like Boston. It represents the best of each of us that we are in control of our bodies and they are powerful.

These are heroes for the endurance that this race takes, but as you will see, they are heroes for so much more. We are proud to celebrate our #RunWithRainier team runners and the runners of our charity partner the Newton Firefighers Children’s Fund.

Rainier Runners

Newton Firefighter’s Children’s Fund

Visit their website.

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