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Lady Alice®

The Perfectly Balanced Apple

Refined Flavor. Classic Crunch. Balanced Sophistication. That’s Apples Elevated.

That’s Lady Alice®.

Lady Alice®

more than an apple, a namesake

click here Nature is never simple – but the outcomes can be remarkable. Nature has a way of combining the right elements and the right conditions to create something perfect. When Alice Zirkle and her family left Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley in 1888, she couldn’t have known that generations later her family would be one of the leading apple growers, but something inside her pushed her to head west, across the country. Perhaps it was the same force of nature that produced her namesake apple nearly 100 years later.

https://globaldevincubator.org/privacy-and-legal/ viagra online canada Lady Alice wasn’t produced in an apple-breeding program, like many varieties. Instead, she was a gift from Mother Nature and her best worker, a cross-pollinator, a bee. This gift showed up in one of our orchards in 1978 when a farm manager noticed a unique seedling springing from the trunk of a damaged tree. The Zirkle family preserved and propagated that chance seedling, now named for the matriarch who planted the family roots where they would thrive.

Lady Alice®

a little bit of lady luck

trusted tablets It really is luck. Lady Alice is a chance seedling. That means she’s an apple that presents differently than the other apples on the tree and was not bred or manually propagated. Once it is discovered, it can be propagated onto other trees to see if it continues to present with the same unique characteristics. 98% of time it goes back to its original apple characteristics. This apple, that became known as Lady Alice, continued to present with unique characteristics for years to come until we decided she was so special that we shouldn’t keep her all for ourselves, it was time for the world to meet her.

Pearl of wisdom
Lady Alice® apples have a distinct pink stripe that washes over a vibrant banana yellow background, visually distinguishing it from other varieties.
Pearl of wisdom
Lady Alice® was discovered more than 25 years ago, but she just made her debut in retail stores in 2010.
Pearl of wisdom
The Lady Alice® is an excellent all-purpose apple that is most popular for its snack-appeal, yet is perfectly suited to any occasion. It makes an attractive focal point on a fruit platter and even holds its texture during cooking or baking.
Availability: October-June

(or while supplies last)

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