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Cherry Nutrition

Solid horticultural experience combined with the most technologically advanced packing equipment has made our foray into cherries a highly successful endeavor. We have earned a reputation among the industry for unparalleled service and quality of this highly volatile fruit.

Cherries are one of the few truly seasonal commodities. Retailers have found that cherries are not only a great incremental "impulse" item but also are the highest dollar per square foot profit item in the produce department. Cherries are continually identified as one of the healthiest produce items. Along with other berries, sweet cherries continue to garner medical and nutritional community attention relative to their low Glycemic index and increased levels of antioxidants. Additionally, in most regions of the country less than 50% of the population has purchased cherries within the last year proving there is tremendous potential for more volume. Rainier Fruit company is poised to fulfill this growing demand.

Providing consumers with fresh and delicious tree fruits that are safe and wholesome is priority one at Rainier Fruit Company. Cherries are a particularly perishable fruit requiring delicate handling. Here are just a few of the things we do:

  • We quickly remove the field heat from cherries at harvest to insure shelf life.
  • We maintain the cold chain from storage through delivery to reduce spoilage due to excessive heat.
  • We pack our cherries in the most progressive facility paying particular attention to limited handling and maintaining the cold chain.
  • We pack our fruit in a clean and healthy environment to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • We train our supervisors, managers and production staff on the latest techniques on Food Safety and Food Handling.
  • We submit to independent third party inspections, evaluations and grading of our Food Safety programs and Production Facilities.
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