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Our Story


The family-owned and operated farms that sell fruit under the Rainier label have been honing their craft for generations. Long before we grew to one of the largest suppliers of apples, cherries, pears, and blueberries in the United States, we were simply chasing the American dream of many pioneers. Many of our ranches are now being managed by the fourth, fifth, or even sixth generation. It’s hard to believe that some of our land was being farmed before Washington State was admitted to the Union!

Though not all of us qualify as blood relations, we are most certainly family by association- connected by a common philosophy. We are fueled by a united effort to grow, pack, and ship the best, most flavorful fruit. We know that working together helps us all succeed. And like most families, our bond often extends past the workday- we vacation together, lend a hand or a hammer when it’s needed, and support each others’ families in the community.

One could say the American Dream has become a reality for us.


Since 1888

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