The Boston Marathon

Official Sponsor

Rainier Fruit is proud to be the official apple sponsor of the Boston Marathon.

The fact that we have been in business for 129 years and 2017 will mark the 121st running of the Boston Marathon proves the power and longevity of quality brands.

We are a leading grower of both conventional and organic apples, pears, cherries and blueberries, it makes perfect sense for us to sponsor a legacy event like the Boston Marathon that brings together some of the most committed and enthusiastic athletes and fans in the country.

In fact, the marathon attracts 30,000 registered participants and 500,000 spectators making it one of New England’s most widely viewed sporting events and a perfect location for us to share fresh samples of our “Rising Star” apples at hospitality locations and throughout the marathon.

We know that athletes are always looking for the best in healthy foods to power their training. Our ‘Rising Star’ apples, in both conventional and organic options,are known for their crisp texture and exceptional flavors that keep consumers coming back. These Rising Stars include our proprietary Lady Alice® apple and standouts such as Honeycrisp, Jazz®, and Pink Lady®.

Part of what keeps consumers coming back to any brand is exceptional quality. Our family and growers have made it clear that Rainier Fruit is committed to excellence in the production of both conventional and organic fruit to meet the diverse lifestyle choices of consumers.

The sponsorship of the Boston Marathon is more than a singular event for Rainier Fruit; it’s about connecting with the more than 19 million runners that are seeking a healthy, active lifestyle.

Runners live everywhere and we love that they embrace athletic lifestyles which include both diet and exercise. We believe our high quality fruits like apples, pears, cherries and blueberries work perfectly with a balanced healthy diet and we can’t wait to see you in Boston.

Where to Find Us in Boston

Hotel Hospitality

(April 14-16)

• Fairmont Copley
• Park Plaza
• Revere Hotel
• Lenox Hotel
• Sheraton
• Westin


• Boston Movie Premiere – April 15
• Boston Marathon Finish Line Meeting Area – April 17
• Family BBQ at Newton-Wellsley Hospital Mile 17 – April 17


#RunWithRainier was born not because of the Boston Marathon, but because of our overall mission to be #WholesomeToTheCore.

For years our company motto has been Wholesome to The Core, and to us it has represented the best of what we can be in all parts of our lives. To live and be healthy in mind, body and spirit because we are fueled with healthy food like the delicious apples, pears, cherries and blueberries we grow.

From investing in workplace wellness programs including an on-site cafeteria with at cost meals and healthy choices, an on-site gym, walking path and wellness clinics we know that healthy bodies are active bodies.

We wanted to take our personal motto and put it in action with others inspired in similar ways and the Boston Marathon seemed like one of the most fitting places.

Boston represents more than 30,000 athletes and 500,000 fans but it also represents an ideal of the more than 19 million runners who strive to keep their body moving. It represents the ability to fuel up, lace up and put down some miles. #RunWithRainier represents a solitary run to think, a run with a friend to catchup, a fun run for charity or methodical and tireless training to qualify for a bucket list event like Boston. It represents the best of each of us that we are in control of our bodies and they are powerful.

We plan to continue to grow some of the best in organic and conventional apples, pears, blueberries and cherries and we hope to fuel your favorite runs and life moments so you can continue to live #WholesomeToTheCore.

Always Hand Picked

Runner Profiles

Scott Blackledge: Rainier Fruit

Job: Rainier Fruit Safety Manager
Boston Experience: This will be Scott’s first Boston Marathon
Marathon History: Scott is an experienced runner having completed 7 marathons and several 200 mile relays.
Training Plan: Scott has utilized a combination of indoor and outdoor training on trails and treadmills as he waits for the winter to break.

Mike Declerq: Whole Food

Job: Global Senior Produce Manager at Whole Foods
Boston Experience: This will be Mike’s first Boston Marathon
Marathon History: This will be Mike’s second marathon
Training Plan: Mike’s first love is soccer and he uses running to stay in top form. He tries to put in his training miles on the trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Nick Moless: Whole Foods

Job: Global Senior Produce Manager at Whole Foods
Boston Experience: This will be his first Boston Marathon
Marathon History: Nick has never ran a stand-alone marathon but he’s completed several marathon distances as a 12-time Ironman finisher.
Training Plan: As a triathlete, Nick spends a lot of time cross training in the water and on his bike in addition to his run training.

Crystal Declerq: Whole Foods

Job: Full-time mom…wife and support staff to Mike
Boston Experience: this will be Crystal’s first Boston Marathon
Marathon History: This will be Crystal’s first full marathon having completed several half marathons.
Training Plan: Crystal came to running via the sport of triathlon and is an outdoor adventure enthusiast so Crystal spends time cross-training with snowboarding paddleboarding, biking and swimming, especially as she recovers from a stress fracture and had to take time off for running and adjust her training plan.

Ryan Brazell: Whole Foods

Job: Produce Team Leader
Boston Experience: this will be Ryan’s first Boston Marathon – but as a Boston area native, this has been a bucket list run for Ryan since he was 21 years old
Marathon History: Ryan has run 15-20 full marathon’s and competed in some ultra marathon’s including a self-supported 500K through Tennessee.
Training Plan: Ryan found running in his 20’s as a way of dealing with heartbreak and depression. He quickly found that running and being outside had therapeutic value and today he stays busy with triathlons, running and cyclocross. His Boston training includes a lot of cross training on the bike and in the pool as he is also training for the Ironman in Lake Placid, NY.

Joe Mazurkiewicz: US Foods

Job: Senior Manager – Category Strategy
Boston Experience: This will be Joe’s first Boston Marathon
Marathon History: Joe has run a few smaller runs as well as a full marathon at the Chicago Marathon
Training Plan: Joe found recreational running about 6 years ago to get in shape and spend some time with friends. Since then, running has become more of a pastime and he is considering adding more destination marathons in his future.

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